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Equity Management

Manage all things equity in one place, including cap tables, valuations, fundraising, issuing shares, expense accounting, and equity planning.


Take the guesswork out of compensation with the industry’s most robust data set and real-time market intelligence powered by machine learning.

Venture Capital

Automate your back office and stay focused on deals with full-service fund administration, formations, valuations, audit and tax support, and portfolio insights.
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Simplify equity sales for employees, stakeholders, and investors with an integrated platform and automatic cap table updates.

Built for the builders

From idea to IPO, Carta supports innovators at every stage and in every role.
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    Over 40,000 companies use Carta to fundraise, issue equity, and stay compliant.
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    From extending offers to answering employee equity questions, find the tools and team to support you.
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    Law Firms

    Help your clients issue equity, raise funds, and stay compliant, all in one place.
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    Manage your fund on Carta so you can spend more time on deals and less time dealing with your back office.
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    Grow and plan for the future with tools and services that help you with everything from receiving fast valuations to managing burn to running liquidity events.

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