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Company Building panel - Table Stakes 2020
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Company building: A conversation from Table Stakes 2020

Running a company is hard in normal times. In a pandemic, it’s even more challenging. In our Company Building panel at the 2020 Table Stakes Summit, Stephanie Cohen and Jen Hyman chatted about leading their companies through COVID, trends in the fashion and financial industries, diversity and inclusion, and more.

regulating change table stakes recap

Regulating change: A conversation from Table Stakes 2020

Carta’s chief compliance officer, Suzanne Elovic, chats with Pamela Gibbs, director of the SEC’s Office of Minority and Women Inclusion, to get her thoughts on how the private sector can contribute to these efforts, how the SEC thinks about streamlining access to capital for people and communities of color, and more.

Carta's private markets report Q2 2020
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Carta’s Private Markets Report – Q2 2020

Carta’s data provides insight into private equity and venture capital. In our Q2 2020 private markets report, we examine COVID’s impact on private markets.

equity education
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How do I teach my employees about equity?

Carta makes it easy for employees to understand equity compensation. Get resources that explain equity for your equity education program.