The Carta Team


Video: Investors panel from Table Stakes 2019

Kate Brodock, CEO of Women 2.0 interviews Sarah Kunst (Cleo Capital), Naomi Ionita (Menlo Ventures), Jen Neundorfer (Jane VC), and Christy Pitts (Backstage Capital) at Table Stakes 2019 on their experiences being female VCs, investing in diversity, and more.


Video: Founders Panel from Table Stakes 2019

Jenny Lefcourt, GP at Freestyle Capital, interviews Tracy Sun, co-founder of Poshmark; Sara Mauskopf, co-founder of Winnie; and Esther Crawford, co-founder of Squad to get their takes on fair equity, being a female founder, and much more.


Equity glossary

Here is a guide to help you understand some terms and phrases that frequently come up in relation to equity.


Our Series E and the future of Carta

At Carta, we’re building an ownership network that changes how assets are acquired, valued, and transacted. To propel Carta forward, we just raised our Series E.