Equity management made easy

AWS Activate members get access to Carta Launch, a free solution for companies with up to 25 security holders and up to $1M raised. If you don’t qualify to meet the criteria for Launch, receive 20% discount on the first year of a paid plan.

Start with a clean cap table that updates with every transaction and don’t ever worry about spending time and money on fixing it. You can also now generate SAFEs on Carta.

Why Carta?

Partner with experts in equity management

Your single source of truth

Carta cap tables update with every transaction in real time, so they stay accurate. Founders, lawyers and finance teams can save time and money on costly cleanup.

Generate new SAFEs

Easily generate new SAFEs with the terms you want, send to investors, and manage the process end-to-end via Carta.

No more paperwork

Employers can issue all security types and send grants for board approval via Carta. Employees and investors can accept electronic securities and exercise options.

We grow with your company

Easily upgrade to a premium plan at any time, with no interruption in service and at a discounted price.


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