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Category: How we work

Why you should be transparent about employee equity

Carta works to explain equity to each of our employees. We encourage other startups to do the same; creating a culture of loyalty, trust and support.

The Firefighters’ Guide to Success

At Carta we strive for a sense of teamwork, urgency and helpfulness. The work culture is not a step-by-step instruction manual.

how stock options are taxed

Introducing Carta 4

At Carta, we redesign our product every 18 months. This update will create more easier navigation and introduce new features.

PTE = Vesting

Carta decided to change PTE to coincide with an employee’s vesting schedule. This gives Carta employees more freedom when exercising shares.

The art and science behind a Carta 409A

At Carta we combine software and people to create to most accurate and fair 409a valuation for your company.

How Product Designers Fight Extinction

All product designers solve business problems. Some are passionate about the industry, some are more creative.

Why you shouldn’t use “Cron Jobs?”

Cron isn’t always the best way to solve a software development problem.

Supercharging Django Productivity

For us, Django is more than boilerplates of models, views, and templates; it is a cohesive easy-to-extend abstraction of how data interacts with the world.

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A Manager’s FAQ

Carta works hard to extract greatness from its employees. That responsibility falls on managers. Here are some FAQs to help you do the same.