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Category: Investors

harlem capital||||||||

How Harlem Capital invests in diversity

Harlem Capital is aiming to invest in 1,000 diverse founders in 20 years. We sat down with cofounders Jarrid and Henri to hear their story and what they’ve learned so far.

New, more intuitive LP experience

We’ve made it easier for your LPs to quickly and securely access documents and fund-level performance data.

Q1 2020 Pitchbook-NVCA Venture Monitor

We’ve partnered with Pitchbook and NVCA to provide investors and companies with the data they need to understand the shifting global venture capital market.

How Las Olas uses Carta to manage their back office

Nate Vasel, explains how Las Olas used Carta for fund administration and a capital call line of credit.

Get a capital call line of credit in one day

At Carta, we’re now offering capital call lines. Learn more, and see if you’re eligible.

What’s new with Carta fund administration?

This quarter, our product managers and engineers focused on helping your fund administration team do their jobs more efficiently.

impaired valuations

Valuations in a time of uncertainty

Learn why asset impairement valuations are important, what impaired valuations will look like, how to approach them, and more.

COVID-19 resources

COVID-19 resources

We’ve compiled a list of tools and resources to help businesses and investors as they navigate this challenging COVID-19 crisis.

future of liquidity||

Video: Panel discussion from The Future of Liquidity 2020

At our second Future of Liquidity event, we discussed recent trends in liquidity and their potential impact on private companies and venture portfolios.