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Category: Investors

Meet Carta’s ASC 820 team

Carta has built an ASC 820 team with substantial experience and expertise in the field. Meet our team of valuations experts.

Should I share my cap table with my investors?

Why it’s smart to share your cap table with your investors

As your company grows, you will inevitably be faced with a big question: Should you share your cap table with your investors? And if so, how much should you share?

Video: Investors panel from Table Stakes 2019

Kate Brodock, CEO of Women 2.0 interviews Sarah Kunst (Cleo Capital), Naomi Ionita (Menlo Ventures), Jen Neundorfer (Jane VC), and Christy Pitts (Backstage Capital) at Table Stakes 2019 on their experiences being female VCs, investing in diversity, and more.

What to do after you accept a security

Here’s what to do after you’ve accepted a security to optimize your Carta experience.


Building Fund Admin

By marrying service and technology, we set out to create a system of record for fund managers and their investors.

How VCs can approach fund administration

Once you’ve raised capital, you need proper support structures in place to get your firm off the ground, starting with an approach to how you’ll administer your fund.

How NLVC manages funds and works with LPs in China and the US

A discussion with Jeffrey Lee, Managing Director and CFO of NLVC about what it’s like to successfully manage funds across multiple geographies.

Venture market trends driving liquidity

In 2019, we saw an estimated $5B in notional volume in the tender offer market alone. Several indicators suggest this deal velocity is here to stay in 2020 and beyond.

What is a special purpose vehicle (SPV)?

As an investor, an important decision is determining how to structure your fund. One way is through a “special purpose vehicle” or SPV.