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Category: Partner stories

NYC CFO Summit: Jack Sinclair of Stack Overflow

At our NYC event, Jack Sinclair of Stack Overflow spoke about how he scaled a 40 million users Saas business.

SF CFO Summit: expert advice on secondaries

Larry Albukerk, Adam Kosmicki, Justin Lau and Ken Wallace discuss the process of tender offers. They give expert and invaluable advice for startups.

Case Study: Cap table snapshots sealed the deal for Trello

In their recent $425 million acquisition, Trello leveraged Carta to make the process simple and smooth.

How to evolve as a CFO: Lessons from Allen Shim of Slack

At the Carta CFO summit, Slack’s SVP of Finance & Operations Allen Shim and our CFO talked about the challenges he faced at Slack.

Even for early-stage companies, have a long-term business model

Stephanie Gantos of Degreed highlighted the importance of having a long-term business model. Carta has the video and transcript.

Think like a COO not just a CFO

The CFO of Lever, Eileen Treanor, gave a keynote on finance at mid-stage companies. She highlighted the importance of data and tracking.