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Category: Product education


Building Fund Admin

By marrying service and technology, we set out to create a system of record for fund managers and their investors.

Carta vs

As a growing company, the last thing you want to do when your equity management needs change is to switch over to a new platform.

Find your metrics faster with our new investor design

We’ve made it easier for investors to navigate and track their portfolio.

Carta vs Shareworks

Carta makes it easier to keep your cap table up to date and stay compliant throughout your company’s lifecycle.

exercising options on Carta||||

Exercising options made simpler on Carta

Learn about the improvements we’ve made to the Carta employee exercising flow, including educational content, estimated tax breakdowns, and more.

What to look for in a 409A report (free sample report)

Download our sample 409A report to see what a complete 409A report looks like and help guide your evaluation of 409A providers.


Improving the Carta experience for law firms

Learn more about our recent product improvements we made on Carta for our law firm partners.

Get option grant and 409A valuation approvals without leaving Carta

Carta already simplifies the option grant and 409A valuation processes for private companies, and now we’ve gone a step further. With our updated board resolutions product, we’re making it even easier to get board approval on option grants, 409A valuations, and any other resolutions or exhibits.

Meet Carta for Venture Capital

You’ve used Carta to accept securities and access cap tables. Now we’re building fund admin tools that will change the way you run your back office.