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Category: Product education

Carta mobile sign up for employees

We are announcing the Carta app. You can now accept grants on-the-go through our android and iPhone app.

The problem with 409A valuations

The 409A methodologies are outdated and have many flaws. We break down what they are and how Carta combats them to give you the most accurate valuations.

The dangers of using Excel for your cap table

As a company grows so does the complexity of the cap table. Here are some examples of the pitfalls of using a spreadsheet for your cap table.

What’s new in Carta 4

This year we redesigned Carta for the fourth time, and we’re excited to show you around! Here are a few of the biggest changes to the product.

Carta Investor Services

By automating the information flow between companies to funds to LPs, we hope to reduce the administrative burden associated with private market investing.

how stock options are taxed

Introducing Carta 4

At Carta, we redesign our product every 18 months. This update will create more easier navigation and introduce new features.

Sign board approvals from your iPhone

Now directors can sign board approvals directly from their iPhones. Just open the Carta app, go to your tasks section, and use your thumbprint to sign!

Carta for iPhone Update

You can now manage your private equity using the Carta iPhone app. The only platform for cap table management software.

Contacting security issuers in Carta

If you have questions about securities on Carta, you can now contact the issuer directly from the security.