Carta and ChartHop work together on new API integration to enhance company and employee access to HR data

May 9, 2023
The Carta Team

Starting today, all ChartHop customers who use Carta will be able to automatically integrate Carta equity data into their ChartHop account—giving HR teams, managers, and employees the ability to easily view all their HR data in one place.  

“With this new integration, HR teams can easily visualize equity data to manage recruiting, hiring, retention, and growth strategies,” said Vrushali Paunikar, chief product officer at Carta. “Carta is committed to building infrastructure for innovators, so companies like ChartHop that serve the growth company ecosystem are critical.” 

The collaboration between Carta and ChartHop is a part of both companies’ commitment to supporting growing companies. By offering a 360-degree view of real-time employee information in one place, the integration makes it easier for company leaders and managers to make data-informed decisions, communicate with their employees, and plan for the future. 

“For People leaders, providing total comp information to employees and managers is important—but also time-consuming. And accessing this information across multiple systems isn’t ideal,” said Justin Garrity, VP of product at ChartHop. “With our new official Carta integration, we are empowering People teams, finance leaders, managers, and employees to access equity data directly in the ChartHop platform, creating better visibility around total comp.”

ChartHop customers who also use Carta Total Compensation will have access to international salary and equity data and more directly in Carta. Carta rolled out international salary and equity compensation data for Carta Total Comp customers this spring, providing geo-adjusted compensation rates for 32 roles in more than 40 countries.

ChartHop is one of a series of companies that Carta is adding to its API public beta phase. In the last year, Carta debuted its Carta Issuer API to help organizations view client data on their proprietary platforms (integrated by Cooley LLP) and Carta Launch API to seamlessly create new Carta accounts (integrated by Firstbase and Cooley LLP).

For ChartHop customers interested in signing up for Carta, use this referral link to get started. For Carta companies interested in signing up for ChartHop, get started here. ChartHop customers who have existing Carta data in ChartHop will  not need to take any action. 

Learn more about the ChartHop and Carta integration here.  

If you’d like to learn more about integrating with Carta’s API, you can get in touch here. To learn about Carta’s API, visit us here

Coming soon: Join our June 14th webinar featuring ChartHop VP of Product Justin Garrity and Carta Head of Insights Peter Walker as they explore research around equity data and what could be achieved with a more accessible approach to pay transparency.