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Carta is broken into three business units–corporate, valuations, and investor services. Each unit has its own Account Managers who are industry experts and respond to customer questions. Carta developed proprietary software to make it easier and faster for you to connect with an expert who can answer your equity, valuation, or financial questions.

When you log into Carta you’ll notice our help and chat options have changed.

Previously you could connect with us from two places:

  1. The help button in the top right allowed you to search support articles.
  2. help routing 1
  3. The chat button in the bottom right allowed you to directly chat with an Carta account manager.
  4. help routing 2

  5. Now all our support is in one location. Click the Help Center icon in the bottom right to search articles, contact us, chat and more.

help routing new

While this might look like a minor change, it’s not. Our new Help Center opens several doors that will save you time.

First, our new Help Center is intelligent. It predicts what articles are most likely to help you based on what you are doing within the product. Now it will take less clicks for you to get the answers you need.

Second, when you call, chat or email us from our new Help Center, you’ll automatically be connected to an account manager in the right business unit for the information you are looking for–no more getting routed around after you start a call.

Every second we can help you save while using Carta is another reason for confetti.


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