Get a 360-degree view of your next fundraise with Carta’s scenario modeling tools

November 8, 2023
The Carta Team

When you’re an early-stage founder, you’re laser-focused on every detail of your business—no matter how small. But it’s just as important to see the big picture—especially when it comes out to your next financing round. That’s why we built a set of tools founders can use to understand the impact of new investments. 

Raising a round is equal parts art and science. To make sure you do right by your company, your employees, and your existing investors, you’ll want to understand how the terms of a deal will affect ownership for each group. With Carta’s scenario modeling tools, you can run different deal scenarios to analyze how a potential financing round and valuation will impact your cap table. Here’s how: 

Adjust deal terms: As you negotiate your fundraise, deal terms are likely to change. You might even receive different offers from multiple investors. With Carta’s scenario modeling tools, you can model these changes and different offers to compare how ownership for different groups would be impacted. 

Evaluate immediate and future impact: Use Carta’s scenario modeling tools to generate visualizations that show how a financing round will impact your company’s stock dilution and ownership distribution. You can also use the tool to layer multiple rounds into a more complex model, to compare how different term sheets will impact future rounds.

Carta’s scenario modeling tools are available to all Carta cap table customers. 

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