Introducing The First Close Podcast

Introducing The First Close Podcast

Author: Jessica Straus
Read time:  2 minutes
Published date:  January 6, 2021
Game-changing investors share their stories. Stream The First Close on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Game-changing investors share their stories. Stream The First Close on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

At Carta, we help VCs build enduring venture franchises, starting with fund one. That’s why we’re excited to spotlight their journeys with our new podcast, The First Close. In this podcast series, we interview new voices in venture about their ambitions and challenges as they aim to redefine the industry. 

The next era of venture capital will be more diverse, more global, and more dynamic than ever. Every aspect of the venture capital industry is opaque, complex, and out of reach for most. As a result, there has been a massive lack of diversity in the venture capital industry and venture-backed companies, from race to gender to geography. Without intention and action, investors will keep missing out on diverse founders and emerging tech ecosystems. 

To democratize venture capital, it is going to take new fund managers, new levels of transparency, and a greater commitment to diversity. In The First Close, we tell the stories of venture investors who are building new models that leverage the competitive advantage of diverse teams.

In our first-ever episode, we interview Kate Beardsley, founding partner of Hannah Grey. Hannah Grey is a new early stage fund investing at the intersection of human behavior and technology innovation.  Kate and her co-founder Jessica Peltz Zatulove take a data informed, thesis driven approach.  Subscribe to The First Close to learn more about Hannah Grey. 

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Jessica Straus is a Brand & Content Marketing Director for Carta. Jessica is a Kauffman Fellow and an MBA in Design Strategy. Leveraging her background in VC, policy, and tech, she is dedicated to bringing transparency and diversity to private markets.