Manage Documents in Your Personal Portfolio

Carta is releasing a new documents section for employee portfolios. This section makes it simple for companies to distribute tax documents to employees and for employees to manage all their documents in one location.

Here’s how it works:

Sharing 3921 Copy B with Your Employees

Right now is 3921 season. Companies that file a 3921 are required by law to give each employee, who has exercised an ISO option, “Copy B” of their 3921 filing.

Previously, companies had to send these out by mail (or Dropbox). At larger companies this means mailing 100s of documents to employees every year. Now getting these documents to employees looks like this:

distributing 3921

Clicking the “Deliver Copy B” button inside of Carta automatically generates a PDF for every employee and delivers the 3921 Copy B into that employee’s Carta portfolio. See below.

employee dashboard

With the document saved on Carta, employees no longer have to keep track of paper documents and they will always be able to find their 3921 when it is time to file.

What’s Next:

While we started with the 3921, the new documents section will be used for a variety of situations where documents get shared between employers and employees–saving both parties time and headaches.

In the coming weeks we will be adding document management for 83(b)s, 1099-Bs, and more.


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