Meet Carta’s 409A valuations team

Since we began offering 409A valuations in 2015, Carta has valued over $200B in private assets. We believed the 409A industry was broken and that we were uniquely positioned to fix it, given that we were already helping companies manage their cap tables. Cap tables contain a lot of the information we need to provide a 409A valuation, so we were quickly able to provide customers with audit-defensible and cost effective 409As. The strategy succeeded and in 2017 we acquired Silicon Valley Bank Analytics which allowed us to serve even more companies.

As our valuations practice evolves, we have looked to add more leadership and expertise to the team. Since the start of 2018, we’ve hired three experienced leaders. Sushil Chacko, Bob Chung, and Candice Bassell bring a combined 45 plus years of experience in valuations to Carta. These industry veterans will allow our team to continue to scale, as we improve both the service we provide and the technology that helps our customers stay compliant.

Meet Sushil

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Sushil Chacko is our new Managing Director of Valuations and joins Carta from her own valuations practice. Prior to joining Carta, she was a Director of valuations at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Managing Director at Silicon Valley Valuations; Advisory, among other senior valuation leadership roles. Sushil brings over 20 years of valuations experience.

Sushil joined Carta because she believes “we have a unique advantage over traditional valuation firms because our software streamlines the data management component of valuations. Analysts can now focus on what is most important: the qualitative details, methodological choices, and quantitative components that drive the final value. I very much look forward to assisting this group as they continue their impressive growth trajectory.”

Meet Bob

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Bob joins Carta from BPM, where he was a Director and Head of the BPM Valuation practice. He brings over 15 years of valuation experience. Bob is the Director of 409A focused on ensuring Carta continues to produce technically strong valuations, optimizing internal processes, and furthering team development.

Meet Candice

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Before joining Carta, Candice was a Managing Director of Grant Thornton’s valuations practice. She brings over 12 years of experience serving clients in a variety of industries, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and construction. She joins as the Director of 409A and leads the Seattle 409A team which values companies at every stage.

Meet the Valuations team

Sushil, Bob, and Candice join a team of over 50 analysts who have delivered over 5,000 audit-defensible 409A valuations this year. They also join Chad Wilbur, who was formerly leading the team and is now focused on our Investor Services business. While Carta’s technology allows us to deliver quick, defensible valuations based on market data, we could not provide the service and quality of our valuations without the exceptional people on our team.

Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more about Carta 409As.

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