Meet Carta’s ASC 820 team

Meet Carta’s ASC 820 team

Author: Div Shivesh
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Published date:  March 3, 2020
Carta has built an ASC 820 team with substantial experience and expertise in the field. Meet our team of valuations experts.

Carta has built an ASC 820 valuations team with substantial experience and expertise. Our team has delivered more than 20,000 valuations over the course of their careers. They ensure customers understand the valuations process and receive the support they need to stay compliant.

Chad Willbur- General Manager, Valuations

Meet Carta's ASC 820 team

Chad Willbur is the general manager of the Carta valuations team. Prior to joining Carta in 2017, he was a Director of Valuations at Andersen Tax and a Director at Quist financial, among other senior valuation leadership roles. Chad has conducted thousands of valuations for companies and funds across a wide range of industries since 1999.

Aaron Jacobs- ASC 820 Valuations Director

Meet Carta's ASC 820 team

Since 2011, Aaron has completed over 2,500 valuations with a focus on tax compliance and financial reporting under ASC 820 and IRS section 409A. Prior to joining Carta, Aaron led and managed the valuation process and financial reporting team at Frazier Healthcare Partners.

Stephanie Wittrock- ASC 820 Valuations Manager

Meet Carta's ASC 820 team

Stephanie has completed thousands of valuations focused on financial reporting and tax compliance under ASC 820 over the course of her career. Prior to joining Carta, she was a Senior Valuation Analyst at Andersen Tax, LLC. 

Our team

Chad, Aaron, and Stephanie lead our expert team of ASC 820 valuation analysts at Carta. Our best-in-class technology enables our team to provide our customers with the highest level of support and service. In addition to ASC 820 valuations, Carta also offers fund administration for VC firms. Reach out to us if you’d like to learn more.  

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Author: Div Shivesh
Div is a Product Marketing Specialist at Carta. He's starting off his career at Carta after earning a B.A in Business Economics with a minor in Technology and Information Management from the University of California, Santa Cruz.