Simplify how you manage your portfolio

Simplify how you manage your portfolio

Author: Allie Rawson
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Published date:  October 26, 2018
Tracking key performance metrics for your portfolio can be challenging. Carta built Portfolio Insights to streamline the way you manage your portfolio.
Simplify how you manage your portfolio

As an investor, staying up to date on your portfolio companies’ performance is time consuming and usually requires a lot of emails. Tracking key metrics for just one company can be difficult, and comparing performance across your portfolio is nearly impossible—especially when each company’s data is in a different format.

We think it should be simpler to track your investments. We built Portfolio Insights to streamline portfolio data collection and analysis. Carta helps you collect up-to-date metrics from your portfolio companies and monitor performance in a dashboard.

Our early access users have found Portfolio Insights helpful when…

  • Running weekly partner meetings and going through how each company is performing

  • Preparing for board meetings

  • Deciding whether to make follow-on investments

How it works

  • Send data collection requests in bulk to all portfolio companies

  • Track the status of data collection requests in one dashboard

  • Sit back as Carta normalizes and processes data

  • Access meaningful portfolio company insights through in-app dashboards

Simplify how you manage your portfolio

In addition to showing standard key performance metrics (KPIs) like burn rate or cash flow, Carta collects and normalizes industry specific KPIs for each company. For example, a SaaS company profile would show their annualized recurring revenue while a consumer app might offer insight into their monthly active users.

You can also see your firm’s percentage ownership, financing history, and financials.

With Portfolio Insights, you’ll have cap table access for all your portfolio companies, whether or not they’re on Carta. For your portfolio companies that are already on Carta, you’ll be able access their cap tables based on the permissions they grant you.

If your portfolio companies are not on Carta, Carta will collect each company’s summary cap table by share class with rights and preferences. And you’ll get a summary of your holdings.

Recent updates for early access customers

If you’re an early adopter, here are some of the latest improvements we’ve made to Portfolio Insights:

  • Updated layout that works on all devices–and looks just as great on mobile web as it does on your laptop

  • Improved navigation including portfolio sidebar that allows you to flip through different companies’ data across a single set of metrics

  • New overview tab allows you to see highlights from each portfolio company

  • Clearer visualizations of financials and key metrics, so you can understand performance at a glance

  • Comprehensive data exports that allow you to export all data and metrics for one or many portfolio companies

Make better investment decisions

Help us shape the future of VC portfolio management. We’ll share more updates and improvements in 2019, but in the meantime If you have feedback or want to start using Portfolio Insights, reach out to our team.

Author: Allie Rawson
Allie Rawson is a former Product Marketing Manager at Carta who specialized in data analysis.
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