Introducing tax and estate planning valuations by Carta 

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A new generation of owners

Whether you’re a founder, investor or employee, company stock can materialize into a significant percentage of your net worth, with the potential to provide you and your family with generational wealth. Planning for the future can be overwhelming, but implementing a tax strategy that includes asset transfers today can help mitigate adverse tax outcomes in the future, as well as maximize tax-efficient growth of assets for future generations

Modern asset transfer 

Carta is modernizing equity management and financial services for companies and investors. Tackling large problems has led us to better understand how to innovate in an industry where fragmented service offerings have failed to keep pace with a dynamic world. 

With the recent launch of CartaX, Carta is unlocking billions of dollars in equity value. As liquidity spreads, we’re happy to announce that Carta is now ready to service our more than one million stakeholders by providing a solution for asset transfer as it relates to tax and estate planning. 

Carta’s integrated solution can help you optimize the transfer of assets in a cost-effective and tax-efficient manner.

Our Process

  • Meet with our team and scope the unique needs of your estate planning
  • Carta leverages world-class valuation technology and dedicated channel partners to deliver a modern asset transfer solution, including Valuations by Carta, Trust Formation and Asset Transfer Advisory
  • Rely on our Post-delivery Support Team for any questions or concerns that might arise

The best time to begin planning for the future is now. Talk to an expert to learn more about how Carta helps simplify transferring your assets.

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