Introducing tax and estate planning valuations by Carta 

March 19, 2021
Josh Durst-Weisman

A new generation of owners

Whether you’re a founder, investor, or employee, ownership in your company has value. Your equity has the potential to turn into a significant piece of your net worth—and to help you build generational wealth. That’s why at Carta, we work every day to create more owners.

But ownership comes with new challenges. Planning for the tax implications of your equity can get complicated. You’ve got short-term tax implications to consider, and you’ll need to think about long-term planning for future generations. 

How you handle asset transfers can be an important part of your tax strategy. It can help you optimize the tax-efficient growth of your assets over the long term and avoid adverse tax consequences. Whether you have a team or this is your first foray into tax planning, Carta can help. 

Tax and estate planning at Carta

Carta integrates financial advisory services with our own platform so your tax and estate planning is quicker and more cost-effective.

Optimize the transfer of your assets

Carta’s transfer services use our own technology, which integrates your company’s cap table and 409A valuation. You won’t have to work with a separate advisor to pass cap table and financial information back and forth—which can lead to bottlenecks and unnecessary errors.

No billing surprises

We’ve created a unique pricing model for founders. We moved away from “billable hours”; instead, our model includes 15 hours’ worth of back-end IRS support as part of your valuation process. If your valuation goes to tax court, it’s likely you’ll see substantial savings compared to the hundreds of dollars an hour a third party would charge. 

Work with us to plan your strategy

When you meet with Carta’s team, we’ll scope your unique tax and estate planning needs together. We can help you with the valuation process, strategies around your asset transfers, and trust formations—with human support as you need it all through the process.

The best time to begin planning for the future is now. Talk to an expert or talk with your Customer Support Manager to learn more about how Carta helps simplify transferring your assets.

Are you interested in helping your employees understand their taxes as they relate to their equity? We’re building a tax offering that lets you give your employees access to tax education, unlimited 1:1 sessions with CPAs, and tax modeling calculators tailored to employees who hold private assets. This service is in limited release; if you’d like to learn more, please share your contact info here and we’ll reach out.

Give your employees support in their tax decisions

Carta Tax Advisory helps the employees of our customer companies make informed decisions about equity ownership and taxes.

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