Find your metrics faster with our new investor design

Find your metrics faster with our new investor design

Author: Allie Rawson
Read time:  2 minutes
Published date:  September 19, 2019
If you're a VC using Carta to track investment information, next time you log in you'll notice an updated dashboard and improved navigation.

If you’re a VC using Carta to track investment information, next time you log in you’ll notice an updated dashboard and improved navigation

We’ve made it easier to navigate and track your portfolio:

  • Track your holdings on your firm’s dashboard for companies on Carta.

  • Request and access cap tables from portfolio companies who use Carta.

  • Refer portfolio companies not yet on Carta. Learn more about our partner program.

We also made additional improvements for Carta fund administration customers, like:

  • New overview dashboard to see all your funds performance in one place.

  • Key performance metrics like Net IRR are front and center. 

This makes it easier to switch between your funds and portfolio companies to find relevant information. 

Free dashboard to track your holdings

When you accept your securities on Carta, just log in to see your dashboard. 

If your portfolio companies aren’t on Carta yet, join our partner program and refer them to Carta. 

Request and access portfolio company cap tables

To see these details, request access to your portfolio companies’ cap tables on Carta:

  1. Open the navigation bar

  2. Scroll down to “requests” 

  3. Select “cap table access” 

  4. Select the relevant companies

  5. Under actions, select “request cap table access”

  6. Personalize your message and send

If you’re a Carta customer, you can use Carta’s waterfall and round modeling tools when companies grant you cap table access. 

Upgrade to fund admin for real-time fund data

Carta fund administration combines best-in-class service and technology. Our team of experts will partner with you to meet your goals. Plus, you can log in to access your fund’s performance in real-time, whenever you need it. 

Our proprietary tools help automate the monotonous, time-consuming tasks that distract other fund admin providers, so our team can focus on strategic support.

For fund admin customers, we’ve added a new all-fund overview page. The page is broken into sections like:

  1. Overview

  2. Fund Performance

  3. Investments

  4. Capital calls

  5. Partners

  6. Statements

You can see key summary stats like vintage, fund size, capital contributions, amount invested, and number of investments as well as a graph of fund performance over time. In the investments section, see stats like total cost, value, and gain or loss, as well as your top portfolio companies and key metrics for each.

This new view strives to surface the relevant information you need so you can manage your fund more effectively on Carta. 

We believe great investors need fast and intuitive software. Information is power, and we’re committed to providing the best investor experience. We’re constantly working to improve our products and we’d like to hear your thoughts. Let us know what you think

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Author: Allie Rawson
Allie Rawson is a former Product Marketing Manager at Carta who specialized in data analysis.