Cap table management

Cap table management that scales with you

Easily view, track, and issue equity on a secure platform that grows alongside your business. No more spreadsheets, no more errors.

Simplify your equity plan with cap table software that lets you issue and track shares, as well as process payments securely from one platform.
  • Manage company ownership
    Cap table and security holder management
  • Issue shares directly to stakeholders
    Electronic securities, stock transfers
  • Build employee equity plans
    Equity plan generation, electronic exercising
Woman using laptop showing UI of building equity plan
Scale efficiently with streamlined workflows for fundraising, issuing securities, and managing equity, all connected to your cap table.
  • Automatic stakeholder updates
    HRIS integration, payroll integration
  • Secure money movement
    SEC transfer agent, ACH and wire transfers
  • Streamline stakeholder communications
    Data room, board consents, investor updates
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Experience peace of mind with built-in compliance support that helps you follow the rules, even if you don’t know them all.
  • Get audit-ready reports on demand
    409A valuations, GAAP and IFRS reporting
  • Easily generate compliance forms
    QSBS attestation, Rule 701 management
  • Stay ready for tax season
    83(b) electronic filing, Form 3921
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As your company grows and becomes more complex, managing your cap table doesn’t have to be.

Are you an early-stage founder? Build your cap table for free with Carta Launch.

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You have questions, we have resources and answers.
My company is at a very early stage, can Carta help my startup?

Yes. If you're a company with under 25 employees and raised up to $1 million, you can sign up for Carta Launch and access a full suite of equity management software—for free. Learn more here .

Can I get a demo of the cap table management product?

You can sign up for a demo here , or take a video tour to learn more on how this cap table management software works.

What could I expect from the onboarding process?

Once you sign up, the implementations team will provide full support as you get started. Depending on the size of your company, you can be onboarded onto Carta in a matter of hours.

How does Carta handle cap table data?

Carta has a robust defense-in-depth strategy to safeguard customers’ data. Learn more here .

Does Carta offer products to support LLCs or Private Equity firms?

Yes, Carta has helped hundreds of LLCs and Private Equity firms implement equity plans and manage ownership. Learn more about cap table management for LLCs here or PE here .