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Easily generate your choice of Carta, YC, or custom deal templates.
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Use one platform to issue, track, and approve SAFEs in real-time.
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Get funded securely and quickly, with funds arriving as fast as the next day.

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Discover how easy it is to raise a round—from contract creation to deal closing and everything in between.

If your company is just getting started, you can generate SAFEs for free.

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With the SAFE insights tool, use current market data to know what terms to ask for, and understand how it impacts your ownership before you fundraise.

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Save time and reduce legal fees on vetting agreements with your choice of industry-standard templates. Create, manage, and issue SAFEs to investors without changing platforms.

SAFES UI | Product Page | "Secure funding safely"

Protect your ownership—SAFEs are only issued once funds have been received. Easily track the status of your SAFE and see it reflected in real-time on your cap table.


You have questions, we have resources and answers.
Do I need to be on Carta to fundraise with SAFEs?

You can create SAFEs without an account using the free SAFE creation tool. Try it out here .

How are funds transferred?

Carta can securely facilitate the signing and funding of SAFEs online through wire transfer or ACH as one of the few companies that also acts as a transfer agent.

How do I know the status of my SAFE?

From general tracking to record keeping, the SAFE dashboard highlights important information (investor, investment amount, valuation cap, and dilution) while giving access to your SAFEs anytime.

What SAFE templates can I use?

Founders can choose from YC’s post-money SAFE, Carta’s pre-money or post-money SAFE, or a custom SAFE tailored to the preferences of law firms or investors.

What else does Carta offer to assist with fundraising?

Carta provides founders access to a powerful suite of fundraising tools, industry data, and experts, helping them with everything from issuing SAFEs to receiving funds. Learn more about how you can prepare, raise, and close from one platform here .