Get expert tax advice and equity education for your team

You’ve made your employees owners—now empower them with access to expert tax advisors and resources to understand their equity’s potential.

Icons Hero | Equity Advisory (Formerly Tax Advisory) | "Offer actionable tax advice"

Offer actionable tax advice

Employees receive unlimited 1:1 sessions with Equity Tax Advisors who can address their grants, model tax scenarios, and tax obligation questions.

Icons Hero | Equity Advisory (Formerly Tax Advisory) | "Reduce operational burden"

Reduce operational burden

Our accredited Equity Tax Advisors field all of your employees’ equity questions, freeing up time for your finance, HR, and legal teams.

Icons Hero | Equity Advisory (Formerly Tax Advisory) | "Check QSBS eligibility"

Check QSBS eligibility

Carta verifies whether your company qualifies for favorable tax treatments like Qualified Small Business Stock.

Meet Carta’s Equity Tax Advisors

Available for unlimited 1:1 sessions, hosting company-wide webinars, and featured in our on-demand education videos.

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Identifying your teams' equity education needs
Navigating your team’s equity compensation questions
Winning candidates with equity compensation

Over 4,700 one-on-one sessions hosted with an average 4.9 out of 5.0 Customer Satisfaction Score


We help your employees optimize their equity ownership by explaining potential risks and tax considerations for exercising and selling equity at different company stages.


You can save up to $10M in capital gains with the Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) tax break. Our Equity Advisory team will determine QSBS eligibility, provide attestation letters, and develop personalized tax strategies for you and your employees.


With a customized webinar series and on-demand videos, our experts guide your employees through their equity awards, exercise prices, 409A valuations, and why vesting schedules are important.

I’ve been through equity education trainings in the past that weren’t from tax advisors, and it was frustrating to always hear, ‘It depends on your situation.’ With Carta, it’s been ‘What is your situation?’ and here’s a definite answer. It’s been refreshing and very, very helpful
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Eric Weber
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Empower your team with equity education