Understanding term sheets and what changes with COVID-19

Breakdown of each term
The major terms you might see, three terms founders should absolutely avoid, and what will change with COVID-19.

Process to close your round
Step-by-step process from pitch to term sheet to close, when to bring in your lawyer, how to avoid bad precedents, and recommendations on term sheet length.

Principles to follow before signing
Modeling out your full round, understanding the exclusivity provision and thinking through voting thresholds, board composition, and consent requirements.

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Apr 23 2020


  • Andy Bradley
    Andy Bradley
    Partner, Gunderson Dettmer

    Andy Bradley is a former startup founder who is now a corporate and securities lawyer at Gunderson Dettmer, specializing in the representation of emerging growth companies. He represents technology companies as well as a number of leading venture capital firms. Prior to law school, Andy co-founded The Hive Group, an information visualization software company. As head of marketing and product development, Andy participated directly in the company’s management and fundraising efforts.

  • Armand Farrokh
    Armand Farrokh
    Director of Sales, Carta

    Armand Farrokh started his career by founding a fitness tech company. He then joined the strategy and venture investment team at Flex. At Carta, Armand brought on over 100 customers – from early stage startups to pre-IPO companies – and has since transitioned to lead Carta’s SMB Sales and Sales Development teams.

  • Reed McBride
    Reed McBride
    Head of Partnerships & BD, Carta

    Reed started his career as an attorney at Orrick, advising over 100 startups on VC and M&A transactions. Prior to joining Carta, he scaled two startups while leading numerous functions. Reed currently runs partnerships and business development at Carta.


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