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Carta’s Founder Studio gives you the tools and knowledge to increase the odds of raising money for your startup—free.

Prep for fundraising

Get the data, tools, and guidance you need to create a plan for a successful round.


Set equity splits

Have a co-founder or two? Answer a few questions and get an equity split recommendation.


Learn from experience

Access hundreds of articles on incorporating, fundraising, and managing compensation in our resource library.

Fast-track your founder’s journey

Founder's Journey

Fast-track your founder’s journey

Get guidance on those crucial moments for early-stage founders, like forming your startup, building a team, preparing to fundraise, and the fundraising process.

Fundraise with confidence

Fundraise Founder studio dashboard UI

Fundraise with confidence

Understand the ongoing fundraising valuations and trends in the market, create a fundraising plan, keep track of your progress, and provide company updates.

Split equity equitably

Split equity equitably

Split equity equitably

Determining how to split equity with co-founders is one of the hardest conversations you’ll have as a founder. We used our experience to create a tool to make it easier.

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