Carta Innovators Summit

On February 13, 2024, Carta hosted our annual Innovators Summit—a free, virtual event celebrating innovators and innovation in all forms. We heard from innovators sparking change including Stacy Brown-Philpot, Sean Mendy, Edward Norton, Alexa von Tobel, and many more. Check out session recordings, recaps and more from the 2024 summit.


Tuesday, February 13th, 2024

2024 Speakers

Alexa von Tobel headshot
Alexa von Tobel
Founding Partner, Inspired Capital
Allison Murray headshot
Allison Murray
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Acuicy
Ben Challgren headshot
Ben Challgren
Principal, Top Tier Capital Partners
Bora Kim headshot
Bora Kim
Portfolio Manager - Private Equity and Venture Capital, ICONIQ Capital
Camille Ricketts headshot
Camille Ricketts
Marketing Partner, Emergence Capital
Chante Harris headshot
Chante Harris
Founder and Managing Partner, Climate Stealth Platform
David Hughson headshot
David Hughson
Chief Revenue Officer, Remofirst
Dwayne Caldwell headshot
Dwayne Caldwell
Founder and CEO, Enspi Technologies Inc.
Edward Norton headshot
Edward Norton
Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Zeck
Erica Dorfman headshot
Erica Dorfman
Head of Global Financial Products, Brex
Haley Bryant headshot
Haley Bryant
Principal, Hustle Fund
Henry Ward headshot
Henry Ward
Chief Executive Officer, Carta
Himalaya Rao headshot
Himalaya Rao
Managing Director, The BFM Fund
Jane Alexander headshot
Jane Alexander
Partner, CapitalG
Jennifer Chao headshot
Jennifer Chao
Chief Technology Officer, Pinwheel
Jessica Peltz-Zatulove headshot
Jessica Peltz-Zatulove
Founding Partner, Hannah Grey
Kimmy Paluch headshot
Kimmy Paluch
Managing Partner, Beta Boom
La Keisha Landrum Pierre headshot
La Keisha Landrum Pierre
Co-founder and General Partner, Emmeline Ventures
Lisa Cawley headshot
Lisa Cawley
Managing Director, Screendoor
Lisha Bell headshot
Lisha Bell
Economic Opportunity Fund Manager, PayPal
Mads Johnsen headshot
Mads Johnsen
Former Chief Product Officer, Calm
Peter Walker headshot
Peter Walker
Head of Insights, Carta
Ranjeet Bhalerao headshot
Ranjeet Bhalerao
Chief Executive Officer, Mortar IO
Rebecca Lynn headshot
Rebecca Lynn
Co-Founder & General Partner, Canvas Ventures
Renata Aráuz-DeStefano headshot
Renata Aráuz-DeStefano
Investments Manager, Pivotal Ventures
Sean Mendy headshot
Sean Mendy
Partner, Concrete Rose
Seif Salama headshot
Seif Salama
Head of Product Marketing, Carta
Shubhi Nigam headshot
Shubhi Nigam
Group Product Manager, Carta
Stacy Brown-Philpot headshot
Stacy Brown-Philpot
Founder & Managing Partner, Cherryrock Capital
Vrushali Paunikar headshot
Vrushali Paunikar
Chief Product Officer, Carta