Carta for emerging managers

Emerging manager toolkit

At Carta, we’re here to help you navigate through your first time managing a fund. We’ve partnered with some of the most useful vendors to offer you valuable tools that help you manage your fund more efficiently.

What discounts do we offer?

We’ve partnered with Airtable, Affinity, and Amazon Web Services to help you get started with the most important tools you’ll need.

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Create spreadsheets and databases the way you want to help manage your team’s workflow.

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Offset your fund administration cost with a cash credit from AWS in exchange for LP portal access.

Affinity-logo-colored (1)

Relationship management platform to help you close deals faster.

Emerging manager toolkit 1

Eliminate data entry about relationships, LPs and deal flow, and get intelligence on your team's combined relationship network

Emerging manager toolkit 2

Access the industry’s most comprehensive private capital datasets and tools to drive investment decisions.

Getting started with any of our partners is easy. Let us help you partner with the right vendors so you can start running your fund.

Questions? Have a partner you’d like to see in our toolkit? Contact