Startup Fundraising 101

Raising money for your startup is one of a founder's most important jobs. Let our experts give you the roadmap to an easier and more efficient fundraising round.


  • Startup Fundraising 101 Section 1 - Fundraising Basics

    Fundraising basics

    Discover different types of pre-seed funding and the importance of product-market fit.
  • Startup Fundraising 101 Section 2 - Early-Stage Deal Mechanics

    Early-stage deal mechanics

    Ramp up your startup fundraising by getting to know SAFEs, convertible notes, valuation caps, and dilution.
  • Startup Fundraising 101 Section 3 - The Pitch Deck and Funnel Process

    The pitch deck and funnel process

    Understand the pitching process and build an efficient fundraising funnel—step-by-step.
  • Startup Fundraising 101 Section 4 - The Series A

    The Series A

    Prepare yourself for this new level of startup fundraising as we go over converting SAFEs, term sheets, and more.

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