Capdesk Email Policy

Emails from Capdesk

When you sign up with Capdesk, we will ask you for your consent to enroll you in our subscription lists, including, but not limited to: product, support, promotions, and sales-related emails.

We only send out material that we think is relevant and useful to you.

You can always unsubscribe from some or all email types at any point. Simply click ‘Manage Preferences’ at the bottom of any email you receive from Capdesk and adjust your settings as desired.

If you have a user account on Capdesk, we may also send you user account-related email, such as emails for resetting passwords. If you close your account, we won’t send you account-related emails. (Read our User Terms)

You are also encouraged to Read our Privacy Statement.


Email from companies communicating via Capdesk

Capdesk is a platform where companies can register personal data, such as emails, about company stakeholders, such as shareholders. A central function of Capdesk is the possibility of letting companies communicate with their shareholders with news updates sent out via email. Another central function is that companies can invite registered stakeholders to join Capdesk, create a user account, and follow the company in more detail.

Therefore, you may receive company-generated emails sent via Capdesk. You can unsubscribe from such communication:

Last updated

November 22nd, 2023