Guideline Public Company Method: Valuation Calculator

The guideline public company method (GPCM) is a multiples-based valuation method that uses the prices of comparable public companies to value a private portfolio company.

Investors typically use the GPCM to gain a clear picture of a company’s financial health and is most useful when the portfolio company has significant financials, but hasn’t had a recent round of financing.

To calculate the valuation of a private company using the GPC method, investors typically go through several steps: Identifying comparable companies, making appropriate adjustments to company information, and applying valuation multiples to calculate a final valuation.

Carta simplifies the process with our free Guideline Public Company Method Valuation Calculator. Input the latest financial information available for the comparable publicly traded companies you’ve chosen and Carta’s GPC valuation calculator auto-populates an estimated valuation for your private company. Download the calculator to get started today.

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