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Onboarding experience

Kick-off Call

Start onboarding with a 30-minute call with your account manager to get your cap table live on Carta.

Onboarding spreadsheet

Collaborate with your counsel on our onboarding spreadsheet to populate the full cap table history.

Cap table importer

Upload your cap table with our cap table importer. The importer tells you if information is missing or incorrect.

Company setup checklist

Use the setup checklist to accelerate your onboarding. Learn how to invite collaborators and set privileges.

Account check

Run tests on your cap table to find critical errors. If there are errors, the account check helps you fix them.

Setup mode

Review and edit your cap table in Setup Mode. When you are ready, hit Go Live to start using Carta!

Setup guide

Setup guide organizes the onboarding tasks on one page. Work with your legal counsel to onboard your cap table and go live.

Company administration

Board approval

Synchronize board approvals with one click. Just upload your board resolutions and press send.

ACH option exercises

Link your company bank account and enable employees to exercise options directly from their portfolios.

NSO tax withholding

Automatically withhold taxes when employees exercise NSO option grants through Carta.

Option exercise approvals

Select a company officer to review and approve all option exercises before they are processed.

Automated tender offers

Give liquidity to your employees by running a tender offer. You set the share price and have complete control.

Company library

Manage all of your corporate documents, vesting schedules, and stock legends in one place.

Financing rounds

Circulate closing documents, collect signatures, and receive funds from investors, all on Carta.

Dividend payouts

Distribute dividends directly to your shareholders through their Carta portfolios.


Invite your legal and audit organizations to have direct access to your cap table and compliance reports.

Unlimited administrator accounts

Invite as many administrators as you would like to have access to your company on Carta.

Cap table

Real-time cap table

Watch your cap table update in real time as you issue electronic securities on Carta. Know that it is always correct.

Audit support

Share your cap table with auditors and legal counsel. Your cap table on Carta is the master source of truth.

Cap table views

View your cap table by investor or round. Drill down into each share class to see a detailed view.

Historical rewind

Rewind your cap table to any date in the past to see the exact capitalization at that point in time.

Pro-forma modeling

Export a complete pro-forma with the click of a button. Send it to your lawyers to prepare for your next round.

Waterfall modeling

Export a complete waterfall of your cap table. Enter an exit price and see payouts for every entry in the cap table.

Complete reporting

Export your cap table, ledgers, option pools, and convertible debt into Excel for modeling and analysis.

Cap table sharing

Share the summary or detailed view of your cap table with investors, board members, and accountants.

Cap table requests

Receive cap table requests from institutional investors directly through Carta.

Electronic securities

Electronic issuance

Issue securities entirely electronically without a single sheet of paper. Existing securities are converted at go live.


Repurchase vested or unvested shares with a few clicks. Remaining shares are re-issued on a balance certificate.


Transfer shares from one shareholder to another. The cap table is updated automatically.


Cancel outstanding securities with one click. Shares automatically return to the authorized shares pool or option plan.


Terminate employees directly on Carta. Vested shares return to the pool if they are not exercised in time.

Termination grace periods

Set the termination grace periods for your option plan. Exercise windows automatically calculate at termination.

Convert notes

Convert your outstanding debt and automatically issue the resulting stock certificates.

Bulk modify

Make bulk modifications to save time and reduce margin for error. All security types and fields can be bulk-modified.

Vesting schedules

Select one of our pre-built vesting schedules, or build your own custom schedule. We support milestone vesting.

Vesting library

Manage all of your commonly used vesting schedules in one place. Add schedules to your library for future use.

Authorized shares

Update the number of authorized shares in each share class at every filing date.

Certificated and uncertificated shares

We support both certificated and uncertificated shares. Choose which applies for each share class.

Administrator notes

Add administrator notes to individual securities. These are only visible to legal administrators.

Approval history

See a detailed history of when each security was issued, approved, and accepted.

Bulk issuances

Draft and issue securities in bulk with our import spreadsheet. All required fields are included in the spreadsheet.

Security types

Issue certificates, options, warrants, convertible notes, SAFEs, RSAs, RSUs, SARs, EMIs, Profits Interests and more.

Option plan amendments

Increase or decrease the number of shares reserved under your option plan at each amendment date.

Option plan pour-overs

Enter the pour-over date to transfer remaining shares from an expired option plan into a new plan.

Draft securities

Collaborate with your legal team on our drafts page before issuing new securities. Save multiple sets of drafts.

Stock splits

Enter the effective date, multiplier, and any additional notes to request and process a stock split in one day.

Liquidation preferences

Set the original issue price, conversion price, and multiplier for each share class to model liquidation preferences.

Controlled permissions

Limit who can modify existing securities by adjusting the permissions of each administrator.

409A valuations

Efficient turnaround

Receive your 409A valuation within a scheduled timeline.


Download current or past 409A reports that have transparent language of the underlying methodologies used.


Carta is the largest provider of AICPA-compliant 409As in the US and has passed audit by the Big Four.

Built-in notifications

Receive reminders before your 409A expires.

Fair Market Value history

Maintain a historical record of your company's valuation data. Chart your valuation performance over time.


409A valuations are easily added to your subscription when you bring your company on Carta.


Trust your report. Valuation models are built from your Carta data so there is zero room for error.


Download current or past 409A reports with one click from your 409A dashboard.

Refresh your 409A anytime

Request a new 409A valuation any time you raise a round or have a material event. Always stay compliant.

Quickbooks and Xero integration

Connect with Quickbooks or Xero to automatically import your financial statements for 409A valuation.

Auto-populating strike price

Auto-populate your strike price for new option grants using the current Fair Market Value on file.


Schedule a walk-through call with a Carta valuations analyst to review your report methodologies.


Cap table

Export your cap table directly into Excel with a summary report, detailed ledgers, and ownership percentages.

Equity plan

Reconcile your option plan with a detailed export of every transaction that ties to the option pool.


Confirm each vesting tranche for every security in your cap table with one simple report.

Full audit history

Retrieve the full audit history of every issuance and transaction in your cap table to-date.

Pro-forma modeling

Export a complete pro-forma with the click of a button. Send it to your lawyers to prepare for your next round.

Waterfall modeling

Export a complete waterfall of your cap table. Enter an exit price and see payouts for every entry in the cap table.


Enter a hypothetical termination date for any stakeholder to calculate vested & unvested shares upon termination.

Stakeholder contact

Run a complete list of stakeholders' full names, mailing addresses, email addresses, and security type.


See an overview of every attachment to ensure all security holders receive the right documents.

Formulas included

Give auditors all the formulas used to generate our reports. Our Support team can provide more details if needed.

701 compliance

Run checks on all three Rule 701 tests to ensure that your option grants are issued under compliance.


409A valuations

Determine your company's Fair Market Value (FMV) to grant options under the safe harbor strike price.

ASC 718 expense accounting

Generate reports for your equity compensation expense accounting with a quick and easy workflow.

Board approval

Synchronize board approvals with one click. Just upload your board resolutions and press send.

Form 3921

Generate, distribute, and file Form 3921 for all ISO exercises in a given year. This is required by the IRS.

Document library

Maintain a single repository of your Articles of Incorporation and all option plan documents.

Legend library

Store unique legends for each share class or apply custom legends to an individual security.

10% shareholder check

Run a check to ensure that strike prices for 10% shareholders are at least 110% of the current Fair Market Value.

ISO/NSO split

Automatically split ISO option grants that exceed the 100K limit into the required NSO and ISO portions.

SOC 1 audit

Share our SOC 1 audit report with your auditors to review our internal processes and procedures.

Authorized capital check

Run automated checks each time you issue shares to ensure that your authorized capital is not exceeded.

NSO tax withholdings

Automatically withhold taxes when employees with NSO option grants exercise on Carta.

SEC-registered transfer agent

Execute all transactions electronically on Carta with our status as an SEC-registered transfer agent.

Security signatories

Set the signatories for each security type. Signatories are notified to approve all future issuances.

Equity plan document sets

Create document sets that can easily be applied to future issuances. Save one document set for ISO options, and another for NSO options.

Closing volumes

Upload your closing volumes to the company Library to keep a single repository.

Minute book

Upload historical board and shareholder approvals to keep a single repository.

Shareholder experience

Tasks page

Give administrators, shareholders, and employees one place to complete any pending tasks.

Holdings portfolio

Provide stakeholders with an online portfolio to view and access their holdings.

Mailing address and SSN

Have employees provide their mailing address and Social Security Number upon account creation.

Multiple administrators

Enable your shareholders to invite additional administrators to manage their online portfolios.

ACH option exercises

Connect your company bank account and allow employees to exercise their options directly on Carta.

Cost to exercise

Show employees their total cost to exercise based on the number of shares and strike price.

Print securities

Allow stakeholders to print hard copies of their stock certificates or options to keep for personal records.

Education events

Invite your employees and shareholders to attend our equity 101 events. We cover stock option and tax basics.

Stakeholder support

Direct equity-related questions from employees and shareholders to our support team.


2-factor authorization

Increase security by enabling 2-factor authorization for every employee, shareholder, and investor.

2-factor visibility

View a complete list of which administrators have enabled 2-factor authorization and which have not.

Support PIN

Present a 6-digit Support PIN to verify your identity when talking to our Support team over phone or chat.

Multiple active sessions warning

Log out of multiple active sessions quickly and easily from a warning icon in your account.

Nondisclosure agreements

Request our standard Nondisclosure Agreement and we counter-sign within 24 hours.

Secure Box folders

Transfer all large or sensitive files through a secure Box folder for added protection.