Venture investing made easy

Leave the back office to us

Carta can manage your back office from first close to final distribution, so you can focus on investing. Our full-service team of fund accountants and software will do the heavy lifting while you and your LPs have secure access to data 24/7.

Off-the-shelf SPV and venture fund formation

Carta can provide full entity formation, template legal documents, pre-close advisory services, LP onboarding and online closings in one place to streamline the process so you can invest.

Streamlined syndicates and SPVs for angel investors

Angel investors can share deal flow, launch syndicates, track fundraising and monitor performance in one place.

Value your investments, seamlessly

Gain insight, ensure accuracy and deliver transparency via Carta valuation software or team of experts. Audit-defensible ASC 820 valuations leveraging Carta cap table data are at your fingertips.


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