Collect portfolio company data & track results

Stop manually tracking down data from your portfolio companies. Carta helps with the evaluation of portfolio performance by collecting up-to-date metrics from your portfolio companies, and monitor performance in a dashboard.


Gain insights about your investments

Streamlined data collection

Gathering performance data over email is time consuming and messy. Instead, Carta collects and organizes data for you.

Consolidated analytics

Get a clear view into how your investments are performing in the same place you request cap table access and accept securities.

Improved communication

With a clear understanding of how portfolio companies are performing, you’ll always know where to focus your attention.


Get portfolio company metrics, hassle-free

Secure data collection

Whether your portfolio companies use Carta’s private company platform or not, we help you collect and organize key performance data. You’ll get a complete view of all of your companies.

Key performance indicators

We collect information about the KPIs most relevant to your portfolio companies’ business, so you always have insight. We also collect non-financial data, like headcount.


We analyze your portfolio performance

Clear dashboards

Understand your fund and portfolio company performance on desktop and mobile. Dashboards give you access to real-time data like recurring revenue, EBITDA, margin, and headcount.

Actionable data

With data from every portfolio company consolidated on Carta, you can easily spot which startups need your attention and which do not. When metrics information is readily available, you can focus your conversations with founders on strategies and tactics.


Track portfolio company performance in Carta
with Portfolio Insights

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