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Automate cap table management and reporting

Track ownership across multiple entities, manage equity plans with diverse vesting schedules and distribution rules, and pull automated ASC 718 financial reports in minutes.

Get the valuations you need and run any waterfall model

Receive audit-ready 409A, liquidation threshold, or profit interests valuations and run any waterfall model with a bespoke modeling engine encoded with your distribution rules.

Centralize equity and tax documents in one place

Securely store all documents, such as operating agreements, amendments, and Form K-1s, and easily distribute one or hundreds of documents to interest holders with a few clicks.

Give interest holders a complete view into their equity

Interest holders can accept equity grants, see how their equity is vesting, understand what it’s worth, and access documents like interest agreements, Form K-1s, and 83(b)s.

Trusted by LLCs and Private Equity-backed companies across industries, from restaurants to healthcare providers to creative agencies, and more.

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