Puppet switches to Carta for a modern, trusted platform

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Puppet is a software company based in Portland, Oregon that automates delivery and operations software. With its platform, their customers are able to securely and safely deliver infrastructure at scale.

They faced a variety of challenges with their previous equity management provider: poor employee experience, convoluted manual processes for administrators, and an overall lack of trust in the provider as a whole.

A Best in Class Employee Experience

With its previous provider, Puppet’s 500+ employees faced daily challenges with the participant portal. It was difficult to use and didn’t provide any real information around options and shares.

With Carta, Puppet was able to provide a better experience for employees with an easy-to-use app and clear information about their equity holdings. Carta also provided Equity 101 training for both their domestic and international employees, where we taught them the basics about equity and showed them how to use our platform. That helped us build trust among users from the beginning.

No doubt, when you add it all up, Carta is the best overall platform.

Noah Belsky, Legal

Time-saving Administration

Puppet’s administrators in legal and accounting found it difficult to do simple tasks with its previous provider-from issuing options to making changes. Following events like tender offers, their legal team had to spend hours correcting cap table errors.

Additionally, building, customizing, and altering reports was time consuming and complicated before Carta. “With Carta’s flexible reporting, I don’t have to spend hours removing columns and customizing reports. I can provide an intermediate cap table report instead of showing details that don’t need to be on there,” says Noah Belsky, Legal at Puppet.

Quality Service and Support

Moving from one equity management platform to another is never an easy task, but Carta’s team and software made it a better experience and is saving Puppet hours every month. With Carta’s simple onboarding process, all Puppet needed to do was import spreadsheets from their previous provider, and Carta’s experts were able to transition their equity data onto our platform.

Puppet’s previous provider didn’t provide a dedicated customer success resource for guidance and operated more like a traditional bank than a modern technology company. The fact that Carta is a software company whose goal is to solve problems for other companies was comforting for the team at Puppet. “We had a really good and helpful team at Carta.” Puppet’s team has built relationships with their customer success manager at Carta, and they can trust our experienced team to guide them through real challenges.

Puppet now manages equity more easily and saves hours of time for their teams while providing a better experience for their employees.

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