Onboarding made easy: How Carta streamlined the process for these company leaders


Clean energy



Oak Ridge, TN


What was especially helpful

Carta walk-throughs of issuing equity and managing a cap table


“It was incredibly helpful to have (our implementation manager) walk us through the product.”


Kairus Tarapore, chief people officer at Type One





Data/Machine Learning



Greater Philadelphia/Bay Area


What was especially helpful

Training sessions and educational discussions about SAFEs vs. convertible notes, legalities around RSAs, options, and filing an 83b election


“There’s a lot to learn and Carta makes it easy to get up to speed.”


Bruce Phyper, chief financial officer at Lattice








Princeton, N.J.


What was especially helpful

Carta’s proactive and solution-focused approach to making sure historical convertible note data was properly carried over results in one source of truth for cap table data.



“The team’s proactive and solution-focused approach made the process smooth and successful.”


Pawel Zolnierczyk, chief executive at iQure

Starting a startup isn’t for the faint of heart. You’re constantly being thrust out of your comfort zone and doing new things—like managing your cap table, issuing equity, and filing important legal documents—that can have serious consequences if done incorrectly. 
That’s why it’s important to have a trusted guide on your side. At Carta, our implementation team is dedicated to making your cap table onboarding process as quick and easy as possible, so you can spend less time on admin and more time focusing on growing your business. 
Here are stories from a few customers explaining how easy Carta made it to onboard.

Type One Energy

Personalized, hands-on support from start to finish

When , a company focused on harnessing the power of fusion energy to transform the clean energy sector, signed up for Carta, they’d just closed their pre-seed funding round and were in the midst of rapid growth and company changes. 
“Ana, our implementation manager, was very patient and a great coach,” said Kairus Tarapore, chief people officer at Type One. “Issuing equity and managing an equity management system is all very new to us, so it was incredibly helpful to have her walk us through the product, what documents we needed to upload to get started, and where to find them.”
 “We had a number of internal changes during our onboarding process, including our finance controller leaving and our CFO joining. Ana managed all these changes with great patience and poise,” Kairus said. “She was always available when we needed help and very proactive about reaching out for what she needed from us to get our account up and running.” 

Lattice Industries

Easy-to-understand equity education and platform training

, which is developing a commodity exchange for data, was founded by Visa veterans who were experts in data and machine learning, but new to the startup world.   
“Most of our team has never worked at a pre-IPO company, so our implementation manager’s patience was very appreciated,” said Bruce Phyper, chief financial officer at Lattice. “I went from knowing nothing about managing a cap table and issuing equity to everything I needed to know to run things on my own competently. She walked us through everything with clear, simple explanations and I was never worried about asking an embarrassing question.” 
“I really appreciated the training sessions and educational discussions that helped us learn about SAFEs vs. convertible notes, legalities around RSAs, options, and filing an 83b election,” Bruce said. “There’s a lot to learn and Carta makes it easy for a beginner to get up to speed.”
“It would have taken us so much longer to get up and running if we were left to our own devices,” Bruce said. “We’d never set up a cap table and had a lot of competing priorities, so having an implementation manager nudge us when we were lagging, ensure accuracy, and answer questions was great.” 

iQure Pharma

Responsive, problem-solving approach

, which is developing new therapeutic solutions for neurodegenerative diseases, moved its cap table from an internal system to Carta so it could better manage its cap table and shareholder access/communication. 
“Our experience with Carta during onboarding was really positive,” said Pawel Zolnierczyk, chief executive at iQure. “We onboarded after we’d already raised a pre-seed round and as we were raising our first round with institutional investors. Despite the challenges we faced with our historical convertible note data, the team’s proactive and solution-focused approach made the process smooth and successful.”
“Our implementation manager was extremely responsive,” Pawel said. “They helped ensure all our previous records were input correctly, so we have one source of truth for our cap table.”  

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