How Xenon uses Carta to help more founders

Jonathan Siegel

Xenon Partners


Fund Administration, ASC 820

AUA on Carta


Founded in 2014, Xenon Partners is a private equity fund focused on providing capital and operational expertise to over 25 technology and software companies, resulting in 15 strategic exits. Many of these portfolio companies already used Carta, so Xenon knew where to look when beginning the search for a fund administrator. Carta helped Xenon understand all the services and technology the platform would offer them-ultimately providing the tactical and strategic support they needed to manage their fund effectively.

Problem: managing the back office took time away from deal flow

Xenon differentiates itself by helping startup founders find an alternative to shutting down their companies. It’s constantly searching to find a home for great companies that are struggling and need Xenon’s expertise to get back on track.

Managing a back office takes away significant resources and time from helping these startups. Xenon needed a solution that would manage its administration, valuations, and other back office needs so it could focus on important deals.

Partner Jonathan Siegel notes, “Carta makes it really easy for us to get what we need to operate our fund and not get caught in the weeds doing it.”

Solution: because of Carta fund admin, Xenon has more time to help more startups

Thanks to Carta, Xenon can focus on what it does best-helping companies succeed. “Without Carta’s solutions, we’d have so much more work. And despite being a very tech-centric company, Carta is really a human partner. They’re patient, they’re approachable, and they’re high-integrity,” notes Jonathan. “Carta really delivers on the expectation of a modern tool set that just works.”

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