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Category: From our CEO

The Shadow Organizational Chart

Everyone knows the typical hierarchical organizational chart. We tried to map our shadow economy of influencers to find the key people at Carta.

Investors vs. Employees

Employees don’t have a seat at the table when CEOs and investors are discussing equity. The result is decreasing equity for employees.

PTE = Vesting

Carta decided to change PTE to coincide with an employee’s vesting schedule. This gives Carta employees more freedom when exercising shares.

IQ and EQ

IQ is overvalued in our society while EQ is undervalued. At Carta, we have found the EQ is more correlated with success then IQ.

||||Job tenure statistics||

A Manager’s FAQ

Carta works hard to extract greatness from its employees. That responsibility falls on managers. Here are some FAQs to help you do the same.

Transparent 409A

Today Carta is making four announcements about 409A valuations. TLDR; We are open sourcing all 409A valuation models 409A report turnaround time is one business

How to Hire

Carta CEO, Henry Ward, shares how he filled positions and hires talented employees. We hope this is helpful to other CEOs struggling with hiring.