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Category: How we work

Meet Carta’s Fund Admin team

Our fund administration leadership team brings over 40 years of combined experience to Carta. Meet them and see how we can help your firm.

Carta cares

Carta’s culture is built on a single principle: always be helpful. We encourage our engineers to help each other solve challenging problems and our account managers to go the extra mile for customers. But it doesn’t and shouldn’t end inside Carta’s walls. We aim to extend “always be helpful” to our neighbors and communities as well.

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Video: We are Carta

We recently travelled to all of our offices to capture what it’s like to work at Carta. Get a closer look at our company culture.

Work @ Carta, get liquidity

Today, Carta is at a scale where we can offer liquidity every 12–18 months. All employees with vested shares are eligible.

How We Sell

Learn the art of the Carta sales process from one of Carta’s seasoned vets