The Data Minute podcast: Fundraising in biotech

The Data Minute podcast: Fundraising in biotech

Read time:  2 minutes
Published date:  12 June 2024
Join Carta's Head of Insights, Peter Walker, as he breaks down the data that's fueling today's most fascinating trends in startups, VC, and the private market ecosystem.

In this week’s episode of The Data Minute, Peter Walker (Head of Insights at Carta) sits down with Darren Cooke (Executive Director, Berkeley Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Center) for an enlightening discussion about some emerging trends with biotech companies: Namely, while pharma and biotech currently rank as the 5th most-funded type of pre-seed startups, they simultaneously enjoy favorable valuations to other SaaS-type businesses.

This leads Peter and Darren into a conversation about biotech, the challenges and differences for biotech founders when raising seed capital, and of course, Darren’s history and experience leading Berkeley’s accelerator program, SkyDeck—one of the most celebrated accelerators in the startup world.

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The conversation with Darren Cooke

00:00 Intro

00:44 Darren Cooke, Berkeley Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Center

02:05 Berkeley SkyDeck

04:39 The pre-seed experience for biotech companies

08:22 Regulation, reimbursement, and outside funding

10:29 Round sizes in the biotech industry

12:27 Investor interest in biotech

16:42 The five stakeholders biotech companies need to know

21:15 Pre-seed fundraising and priced rounds

23:27 Demo day

25:52 Words of advice

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