Cap Table Management

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Eliminate errors

Real-time, accurate cap table updates mean you never have to worry about mistakes or reconciliation and can focus on running your business.

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Fundraise faster

Issue new SAFEs and add existing investment docs in minutes, not days.

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Do more with equity

Access critical financial reporting, get equity compensation benchmarks, and run liquidity programs, all from a single platform.


As the only private market provider authorized to issue, track, and process payments for your company’s securities, Carta empowers you to capitalize on your equity, not just manage it.


With your company’s cap table on Carta, you can pull detailed and precise stock-based compensation expense reports (IFRS2/ASC 718) at any time. We adhere to your selected standard and deliver supporting calculations to ensure audit-ready accuracy.

Expert compliance guidance

Carta's robust reporting and governance tools ensure you can scale while fulfilling compliance obligations.


Native HRIS integrations with Rippling, Workday, and other leading providers make it easy to manage stakeholder updates and departures. You can also view and analyze all of your company’s financial data in one place with our payroll integrations.


Cap tables tell you who owns how much of your company. Learn about how they work, why you need them, and how to manage them.

Get your cap table right with Carta

Cap table management is included with every Carta plan.