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The easiest way to issue and fund your SAFE

Create agreements, collect signatures, transfer funds, and issue SAFEs to investors, all on one platform.

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Create SAFEs easily

Generate, send, and issue SAFEs with your choice of Carta, YC, or custom templates.

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Centralised access

Manage SAFEs and all your other equity-related information from one hub.

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Real-time tracking

Know the status of each check and see your cap table update as funds come in.

Experience an easier SAFE round

Save time and money during your company's earliest stages from one platform.

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Issuing SAFEs should be efficient, secure, and accurate. Carta makes it easy with your choice of easy-to-use, industry-standard SAFE templates or custom SAFEs and side letters.

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Enjoy peace of mind with a secure platform to issue equity and receive funding instructions.

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Focus more of your time building your company and less on admin. Carta automates the workflows in issuing SAFEs and keeping your cap table updated in close to real-time, all tracked in one centralized hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a SAFE and a convertible note?

Similar to SAFE, a convertible note is another type of convertible instrument, meaning it converts into equity at a particular time. However, unlike a SAFE, a note is considered debt, which means it comes with an interest rate and maturity (or expiration) date.  Learn more here.

What else does Carta offer to help with Fundraising?

Fundraising can be daunting. Founders must spend time trying to raise funds for their company while also growing that same company. Carta understands the founder's journey and has created a powerful suite of fundraising tools to help make the fundraising experience easier and more cost-effective. Early-stage founders can also get expert support from our deal team, which will help them navigate the complexity of fundraising.

Learn more about how Carta can help make your next round your best round.

Raise your round, one SAFE at a time

Create SAFEs, send them directly to investors, and receive funds on one platform.