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Whether you’re extending an offer or answering employee equity questions, Carta has the tools and team to support you.

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Accurately plan your recruiting budget and make data-driven decisions about which roles to hire and in which locations. Carta Total Compensation gives you the most recent, relevant, and reliable salary and equity benchmarks for every role, level, and region.

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Your Employee Scorecard responds to market conditions and helps you easily spot pay equity discrepancies and potential retention issues.


With Total Rewards Statements, employees can visualize the current and future value of their compensation packages. Customized equity advisory sessions help your team understand basic equity and their potential.


Minimize double entry with HR integrations. Cap tables automatically update with employee status changes like departures and address changes, meaning you always have the right information.

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Total Comp helps us look at data from companies in our valuation range to make sure our compensation philosophy is competitive and fair. It has become integrated into every stage of the employee life cycle at Lightning AI.
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Alex Rose
VP of People & Operations, Lightning AI

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