Cap table & ESOP management software

Quit managing your ownership
in spreadsheets

With Carta, your cap table updates automatically when you issue electronic securities, raise a round, or get a ESOP valuation. So you can always trust Carta as your source of truth for equity ownership.

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Real-time equity management

Trusted by over 18,000 private companies

Your single source of truth

Carta capitalization tables and ESOPs update with every transaction, so it stays accurate with little effort.

Preferred by shareholders

Employee and Investor accounts to accept securities, track vesting, and manage legal documents

Built-in compliance

Carta offers tax forms, expense accounting, and ESOP valuation services.

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Issue options, without the paperwork

Employees prefer Carta

Issue employee stock options and collect signatures directly from Carta; your cap table will get updated every time with no additional work. Keep employee ownership top-of-mind with automated vesting emails from Carta.

Equity made easy

Carta offers comprehensive support for all security types. Issue preferred stock, restricted stock awards, phantom shares, profits interests, warrants, convertibles notes and SAFEs, and more.

Cap Table Management

Keep your cap table and ESOP up to date

Easy to manage

Never worry about out-of-date or incorrect spreadsheets. Carta’s cap tables and ESOPs update in real time, so you don’t waste time on manual updates.

Shared access

Share your cap table with your legal team and investors, and set permissions to keep information secure. When you fundraise, need a ESOP valuation, have an M&A event, or IPO, no one will have to clean up or prep your cap table — the final version will be in Carta and ready to go.

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Stay compliant

Get audit-defensible ESOP valuations

With your cap table already on Carta, you can save time and money getting a ESOP valuation. We are the leader in ESOP valuations and are regularly audited by the “Big 4” accounting firms.

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