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Carta’s scenario modeling software streamlines sensitivity and breakpoint analysis, payout and dilution modeling, and pro forma cap tables so investors and companies can easily understand the impacts of fundraising and exits.
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Comprehensive modeling tools for your company or fund

Auditor tested

Breakpoint analysis results have been independently confirmed by top audit firms.

Understand your ESOP

Your cap table and ESOP data is already in Carta, so you can easily iterate on exit scenarios in a few clicks.

Robust reports

Look several steps ahead by combining financing round and waterfall modeling.

Private Company Scenario Modeling & Planning 2


Create pro forma cap tables in seconds

Understand how raising a round will impact shareholders

Leverage your real-time cap table to run pro forma scenario models. If you already have a term sheet, you can plug in your precise terms to see the impact on share price, valuation, and individual dilution.


See payouts for possible exit values

Understand payouts by share class

Simply input your exit value and non-convertible debt, and instantly determine the amount each individual and each share class will receive. For investors, you’ll also understand the payout for each fund.

Understand the impact of fundraising now and exiting later

If you have a complex scenario, our tools can handle it. Our scenario modeling reports work together, so you can run a waterfall model on a pro-forma cap table (mind blown).
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Private Company Scenario Modeling & Planning 4

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