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19 July 2023
The Carta Team

In 2021 we used our massive database of real-time equity and cash compensation information to create Carta Total Comp, a place for founders and HR leaders to benchmark compensation and ensure they’re paying employees fairly. Since then, we’ve expanded Carta Total Comp to help companies calibrate equity and cash compensation when hiring internationally. We also added the ability to create offer letters and total rewards statements

One thing we hear consistently from customers: The more insights and reporting capabilities that company leaders have, the more strategic they can be about compensation planning.

We summarize employee benchmarking information on a company’s Compensation Scorecard page, but users told us it could still be a challenge to gather employee, cap table, and benchmarking information from different sources within and outside of Carta. That’s why  we’re now offering new downloadable reports that bring all this information together into a single document. 

The new reports answer three of the biggest questions leaders have about their compensation strategies:

  1.  Who is paid above or below the market rate? 

  2. Who is due for a refresh grant—and how much should it be for?

  3. What is the equity pool runway based on the current  hiring plan and employee equity grants? 

Salary to market report: Who is paid above or below the market rate? Who is due for a refresh grant, how much should it be for, and when should they get it? Equity forecast and burn report: What is my equity pool runway based on my hiring plan and employee equity grants?

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