Europe’s top-rated all-in-one equity management platform

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Europe’s top-rated all-in-one equity management platform

Based in France? Carta has you covered, with full support for BSPCEs, custom vesting schedules and multiple currencies.

Trusted by 3,500+ companies across Europe

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An end-to-end equity solution

Carta transforms equity management for French companies. Turn your cap table from a liability into an asset, take pride in your share scheme and rest assured your data is completely secure.

Actual equity stake

Equity management

Digitise your cap table and manage all company equity on a single online platform.

UK - secondary block - stay informed

Share schemes

Issue equity to your employees at scale, in line with French regulations.

UK - secondary block - browse securely

Data protection

Keep total control over stakeholder privacy and decide who sees what information.


A dynamic cap table

A dynamic cap table

Scenario modelling and essential reports at your fingertips

Plan for the future by modelling exit or fundraising scenarios, and download reports straight to your inbox.

Software that streamlines BSPCE management

Online equity issuances, remote signing and witnessing, digital employee exercises: Carta simplifies share schemes for French businesses.

Interactive user dashboards

Interactive user dashboards

Interactive user dashboards

A streamlined experience for admins

The admin dashboard allows you to see the shape of your cap table, download essential reports and invite new stakeholders all in one place.

Carta visualises and explains employee equity

Employees get their own dedicated dashboards that bring equity ownership to life with clear data visualisation and an enhanced user experience.

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