Run tender offers with full control

Confidently structure tender offers and reduce your administrative burden with Carta’s liquidity solutions and team of experts.

Icons Hero | Tender Offers | "Control your cap table"

Control your cap table

Execute liquidity events while managing participation seamlessly on one single platform.

Icons Hero | Tender Offers | "Reduce errors"

Reduce errors

Avoid mistakes that can occur with manual transactions and paperwork.

Icons Hero | Tender Offers | "Offer a seamless experience"

Give a better experience

Participants can review offers, sign documents, and transact, all through Carta Liquidity.


Speed up setup and post-closing admin work with integrated cap tables that update automatically.


As your established equity partner, Carta automatically transfers shares to buyers and delivers executed documents to participants.


Sellers can easily review offer terms, sign documents, and place orders all on the Carta Liquidity platform.

Run your tender offer on Carta