Built-in EMI & CSOP compliance

Carta keeps track of scheme limits and HMRC deadlines, so you can run your share plan with confidence.

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Centralise plan data

Everything you need to know to keep your share scheme compliant, in one place.

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Secure tax benefits

Carta monitors EMI & CSOP grant limits and valuation deadlines relating to your scheme.

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Get investment-ready

A complete record of HMRC filings lets investors know you’re compliant and investable.

Why Carta?

EMI Schemes_ How to set up an EMI share plan

Carta auto-populates HMRC reports with your share plan data, and has built-in reminders when your valuation is close to expiry.

Business tax deadlines 2023: Corporations and LLCs | Carta

See the status of your equity plans at a glance from the compliance centre, and never lose sight of a pending deadline or looming limit again.

Employee share schemes on Carta

Relax in the knowledge that your equity isn’t just stored on Carta, but monitored against external rules and deadlines.

How to file an EMI notification with HMRC

In order to qualify for preferential tax treatment, you need to periodically report on employee-related share activity. Learn about the process of filing to HMRC.

Keep your share plan compliant

Our in-app compliance features are available on every Carta plan.