Compliant company records

All your company ownership records in one place.

Icon Hero | Co Sec Compliance (UK) | "Comprehensive registers"

Comprehensive registers

Your allotments, transfers, secretaries and members registers, stored compliantly on Carta.

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Effortless exports

Download information from registers in a convenient format, or search and edit them in-app.

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Dynamic updates

Make a change to your cap table and Carta automatically reflects it on the register.

Why Carta?

Full support for filings

Carta supports 13 Companies House filings and counting. Plus, the app tracks your filing expiry dates and notifies you of pending deadlines.

Dynamic, editable registers

Stay in control. Carta allows you to sync information between your cap table and registers, and review any changes before publishing.

Integrated with Companies House

Carta integrates with Companies House for a frictionless filing experience and a single source of truth on ownership records.

trusted law firm partners

Connect with Carta’s network of top UK law firms and company secretary services.

Ensure compliance in the UK with Carta

Our company secretarial solutions are available on every Carta plan.